The stuff
that dreams are made of
and it must taste good, we know!
The stuff
that dreams are made of
and it must taste good, we know!

Wine cellar and aging

We purposely don´t hang watches

In our natural red sandstone wine cellar, which was hand-dug in the middle of the 19th century and built with a vault, time has stood still. One looks for a clock there in vain, on purpose. Time does not matter, because - apart from the work with wines and barrels - it is above all patience and the ability to allow it. The taste, the aroma, and the claim to always bring out the best in the grapes, takes as long as it takes.

We are no different in our craft and philosophy from chefs in a kitchen who give their all for their audience and take the soufflé out of the oven again at exactly the right time to serve it to the enthusiastic guests. We understand very well what goes on in a butcher's mind who only releases the air-dried ham for incomparable enjoyment after it has matured with pinpoint accuracy. We understand when the affineur in the cheese dairy is filled with happiness when he delights gourmets while serving a matured cheese. Here, we understand each other. No surprise, because we are all united by the same goal: It needs to inspire and have to have the perfect taste!

The soufflé, the matured Parma, a hearty piece of Appenzeller and a fine bottle of wine...
Who wants to look at the clock while enjoying?


All wines bear our signature

Wine is made from grapes! Whoever thinks this sentence is a general sentence is mistaken. Wine is made from grapes, but does it always taste like them? A common thread that runs through the style of our wines is an aromatic and refreshing fruit. From minerality, saltiness, leather, herbs, to gunpowder can be the descriptions that can be found to a wine. We are convinced that wine should besides a great taste be simply fun and easy to drink.

We want an authentic and varietal fruit from ripe and healthy harvested grapes, which makes you want to take a second sip.

Wine recommendation:

What we drink on our cellar

The trinking fun

plays the starring role

What do painting, music, theater, film, tailoring or a restaurant kitchen have in common? It is the recognizable signature of their products. A defining style that cannot be copied and can be attributed to their producers. Whether a dress, a great menu, or a wine. Whether a tailor-made dress, an exquisite 4-course menu, or a vintage wine - you don't do all that for yourself alone - but to inspire people. We believe that wine does not have to lecture and should not be a status symbol. If our wine gives you some pleasure, then we have done everything right, in the vineyard and in the cellar.

Drink what you like, from the daily glass of wine to the top of the range. That's exactly what drives us and why we produce wine.


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