Good taste
since 1723
Nine generations of wine growing from the Pfalz region
Good taste
since 1723
Nine generations of wine growing from the Pfalz region

Nothing is more constant

than change

Of course, the sites as well as the distinctive character of a wine-growing region are strongly influential factors for the wine.

But most important are the people who run the winery and picture it as their center of life. Their dedication to the craft, their love for wine, their sense of being at home in the cellar and the vineyard, is the most defining part of what we call terroir. As generations of cellar masters come and go, so does the style of wines, even though the "basic recipe" of winemaking has virtually remained unchanged for 8000 years. Especially now, when having the ninth generation replaced by the ninth at the Hammel Winery, you can feel and taste this change. With us, the fire is carried forward and the ashes won’t be preserved.

The feeling for nature, the unique sites in the Rhine Valley of the Palatinate area, the willpower to put quality into bottles is the basic prerequisite for our expressive and characterful wines.

"The foundation of the winery is not the vineyards, the historic wine cellar or the old wine barrels. It is the people! It is the family, and it is the employees who, driven together by the fun and the great love for the wine and the homeland, go every day into the vineyards and cellar, with pure joy."


The team

You don´t make good wine alone

You can imagine a winery like a passenger ship on a great voyage. On the ship, many people - each individually specialized - ensure a safe, comfortable, and unforgettably beautiful journey. From the bridge to the engine room to the kitchen, hotel, and entertainment team - on the ship, people work together, hand-in-hand. The winemaking family and team sit together in one boat making where they make hierarchies not a priority.

The course is clear: We want to make "wine lovers" happy.

Our team introduces itself, so that you can get a personal picture of the people who create the delicious HAMMEL wines every year.

Financial accounting

Our woman for financial matters. Always keeps an eye on the big picture, even when things go haywire.

Winemaker & Junior Director

Unser Oenologe & Winzer. Möchte das Weingut in die Zukunft führen. Sein Anspruch: Da geht noch was!

Winemaker & Managing Director

The master of "good taste" - not only when it comes drinking. Bubbling over with new ideas and never tired of inspiring and entertaining those around him.

The team at a glance ⟶

Technology & Inventory Management

Our all-rounder and man for all seasons when something won’t work. Because: "Can't be done, doesn't exist (with him)."

Store Manager

Our "Iza" can be found everywhere in the winery because she is a multitalent for everything. If it shines in the rooms and everything runs in the warehouse, then it is her merit. If there is a need in the cellar - no issue, she makes it perfect... but so what!

Consulting & Sales

Silke Silke always has an open ear for customers needs and makes them feel welcome.

Office, Sales, Wholesale

IT-genius, customer understanding and universal problem solver. Our man in the background, who keeps the digital processes running and takes care of the "big business".

Office & Online Service

The boss's wife with her hands-on nature. Motto: "I'll do it..." Always active online for the winery....

Head of external operations

Our vine whisperer with a green thumb. Loves his vines. There is no agricultural machine he can't operate.

Cellar Master

The master of the barrels. A fine spirit with a sensitive palate. Transforms our cellar into a cathedral of pleasure.

Local Store & Shipping Manager

Ensures that no one dies of thirst. Present, in the local wine store and when the wine leaves the house.

Senior Cellar Master

The resting pole in the cellar. Knows all the secrets of winemaking. If anyone is at a loss... just ask Winfried!

Our history

With tradition into the future

It's enough to give you goose bumps: 300 years, nine generations. Families, people, and individual fates in the course of time. Great happiness and deep sorrow, days full of confidence and euphoria and hours of doubt and fear. Embracing life and making the best of it, whatever may come, is our philosophy. For generations, we have been motivated by the certainty that everyone can make their own luck. This is the spirit of what enables us to always go forward with love, will and hope.

The change of generations is like a glass of wine that never empties.


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